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Music Is My Safe Place

I have loved music since I could make noise. From listening to my mom sing and singing along with her and Patti LaBelle on long car rides to learning all the coolest new music hanging with my uncle, music has been my muse, my refuge, my hiding place, even my light in the darkest times. It went from a personal place to where I sang in church, at school, even at Girls Club (now called Girls incorporated). I learned piano too but didn’t stick with it. My love of music never went away but it took a back seat to my other goals and dreams. Now here we are. I’m back using music as an escape and as a form of radical liberation. It waited on me and now we are reunited for different reasons and definitely in a different season. I found my voice in a place where I don’t actually use my voice - in sound therapy and vibrational sound healing.

If you told me 10 years ago, maybe even 17 or so years ago that I would be the person I’ve been seeking, I would laugh. But never did I imagine that the dream I had so many years ago would come to fruition with me at center stage. Tend and Sage is not just a dream come true, it’s a healing come through. As a Reiki Master, I have helped people rediscover the power of their own being, their own light, their own words. As a practitioner of sound therapy and vibrational sound healing, I’ve helped bring clarity and peace to people when words couldn’t adequately communicate the needs, wants, thoughts, or questions. In a sound immersion experience, I’m reminded of something they use to say at church and maybe it will resonate with you too: sometimes when you can’t speak, you can just moan or wail and God will still hear your prayers and know what you need. These instruments elevate us in the gap to both communicate what we need and bring to us the desires of our soul. It’s such a beautiful gift.

I have learned how to use crystal sound bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs and drums to guide my clients to deep rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, while adding a steel tongue drum, rain stick, and a variety of shells and shakers from different countries for a little razzle dazzle. I’m also really excited about adding my voice to the process.

Join me at one of the scheduled sound immersions or schedule a consultation for your own private individual or small group sound immersion experience. It is an experience your mind, body and soul will be thankful to receive.

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